Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Alan Chin: Simple Treasures

This is poignant, heartfelt story about struggle, pain, dignity, and the power of love. Chin creates story of complex relationships between characters facing crisis. Emmett is dying, but in his loss, two young men find something worth living for in each other. Jude and Simple are both wrangling with inner demons and each is seeking some form of escape Jude hides in his Goth-strewn anger and Simple hides in his mystic world of spirits and Native American traditions. Chin's beautiful, poetic writing style flows wonderfully, and makes this a fantastic, magical journey.

Anonymous: The Story of Mr. X

This is a scandalous, white hot fiction/ non-fiction/ memoir coming-of-age story. We never learn the name of the first person narrator. It could be you, me, or the boy next door, and that makes it really powerful and intense. Growing up in a world of chaos and abuse, our boy learns the hard way that the good things in life come with a price. When a charismatic headmaster of an elite private school walks into his life, he discovers a ticket out of despair, but the price tag is seriously steep. The author's honesty about that fine line between the damage of abuse and the pleasure that cannot be helped is raw, painful, and poignant. The sexual elements are just as raw, intense, and jagged.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

J.C. Owens: The Emperor's Wolf

I couldn't get a grip on the write up for this one, so I just took a chance and dove in. WOW! Fantasy, slave fiction, erotica, intense. What can I say? Jaden's locked in slavery to Dersai, the man who conquered his country. As he struggles with his life in bondage, he begins to see beyond the fear and monstrous power of his master. Feelings of love battle with hate as the two men slip into something more than slave and master. Owens weaves a great supernatural fantasy element into the narrative that really adds a new dimension to the story. The initial sex scenes are brutal, tense, and aggressive, but as the plot unfolds, it becomes more tender and loving. A hot juxtaposition!

Catt Ford: A Strong Hand

What is there not to love here? Damian is fantastic artist who delves into the steamier side of photography and art. Nick is a young, lost art student looking for a little dominating hand to guide his life (in more ways than one). Their paths cross at a BDSM photography shoot, and Damian is hooked on the hot student. Nick's a sub, and Damian knows exactly how to make him writhe, scream, and pant. Definitely a hot one for those looking for some rough trade action. Ford's narrative really eases the reader into the BDSM lifestyle. It's raw, energetic, sweaty, and passionate!

Rhianne Aile and Madeleine Urban: The One That Got Away

A classic story of straight/ not-straight fighting a love they both want! Trace is a ladies man and he's considered the hottest catch in town by the females. When his friend David suffers a series of health issues, he moved in to hang out and look after things. The chummy friendship slowly begins evolving into something a lot more complicated and way more hot! This isn't a story of carnal sex (although there's a lot of that ;) ). It's a love story. Exploring feelings most guys wouldn't dare dream to open up. The emotions simmer and you can feel the steam rising. Love it.

Gavin E. Black: My First But Not My Last

More of a short story than a novel, My First But Not My Last is a fun beach romp and a fab way to end the summer! Conner's upset about his girlfriend (she dumped him), and he's so not interested in sun and fun. But then Jake walks into the picture. 'Nuff said right then and there. A little experimenting leads to a lot of great sex. Wish it would have been longer, but it wet my appetite for more of Mr. Black!

Friday, August 16, 2013

B.E. Scully: Proposition Ate

Oh! Wicked story playing on the Prop 8 nightmare in California! Love this one. Zombies are coming out of the ground left and right. But it's not a random event. These undead guys and gals have a real agenda and they will not be ignored anymore. This short story is a lot of fun, but there's a serious message underneath. Spread the word on this one!

Proposition Ate by B.E. Scully