Saturday, August 10, 2013

Steambath: Sweaty Gay Erotica

Steambath: Sweaty Gay Erotica is an anthology inspired by one of the most powerful facets of gay culture prior to AIDS. The bathhouse was the place to find sex. Lots of sex. Hot sex. Sweaty sex. But then the killer disease came. The bathhouses became places of death. They're still around, but nothing like they once were. The memories of the 1970s and the glory of the sweat lingers on in gay history. Editor Shane Allison's collection brings those memories back in vivid, lurid, pulsing detail. The authors here either lived it or dug deep into their imaginations to find it. The stories here are marvelous. Evocative, erotic, sexy, cocky, and sweaty, Allison has put together a fine mix of tales. The sex is hot and the bodies mingle in the glory of what was one of the finest pieces of gay history going.

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